The Palmerston Papers Database

Edited by A.George, C.M.Woolgar and K.Robson, with A.Eveleigh, C.Jackson, A.Kent and G.McLay

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Welcome to the Palmerston Papers Database. This database contains descriptions of part of MS 62, the semi-official papers of third Viscount Palmerston, at the University of Southampton. The Database has become part of the new integrated Archive Catalogue which supersedes it. To search the new catalogue go to Archive Catalogue.

You can either search the entire Palmerston database or any of the following sections:

° Summary catalogue of the Palmerston Papers
° PP/GC/AB/1-283 Ralph Abercrombie, 1831-51
° PP/GC/AD/1-531 Sir Robert Adair, 1831-41
° PP/GC/CA/45-64 Lieutenant Colonel Campbell, 1833-8
° PP/GC/CA/90-309 Sir Stratford Canning, 1830-64
° PP/GC/FO/34-84 Sir Augustus Foster, 1831-41
° PP/GC/FO/96-161 Henry Fox, 1833-54
° PP/GC/GR/2426-590 Sir George Grey, 1847-65
° PP/GC/HA/3-55 Sir Benjamin Hall, 1854-7
° PP/GC/LE/14-252 Sir George Cornewall Lewis, 1847-63
° PP/GC/PO/13-843 John Ponsonby, Lord Ponsonby, 1830-49
° PP/GC/SU/35-83 Stephen Sulivan, 1836-49
° PP/GC/VA/94-103 Sir Charles Vaughan, 1832-7